Sparky! by Jenny Offill & Chris Appelhans

Daughter badgers mom for a pet

By Jenny Offill and Chris Appelhans


Title: Sparky!
Author: Jenny Offill (Writer) & Chris Appelhans (Illustrator)
Publisher: Random House Children’s Books,  Schwartz & Wade Books
Publication year: 2014
Category: Picture Book (Fiction)
Source: Monroe 1 BOCES Overdrive E-Book Collection

Summary: A little girl badger her mother for a pet. She adopts a sloth she names Sparky.

Review: Although I bought Offill’s “11 Experiments That Failed” for the RCS Library’s collection, this is the first of her book that I have read.  I was really engaged in the un-named little’s girl’s quest for a pet. The first person narration was witty and gently self-deprecating. The whole book was fun to read.  I enjoyed the librarian shout-out and how the little girl comes to accept her pet for what he is, not what other want it to be.

I will be sharing this book with K-3 students, particularly as fun preparation for Pet Research Projects.  I can see pairing it with non-fiction book on sloths.



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